Victory Lap

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Linkedin for some is merely a digital resume. For others, it is a powerful career building platform, connecting you to people all over the world. When utilized properly LinkedIn can truly alter the trajectory of one’s career.

Now using LinkedIn in this capacity may seem overwhelming. “Where do I even begin?” Here are 10 simple actions you can take today to stand out professionally using LinkedIn:

  1. CHOOSE your compelling reasons to be active on LinkedIn. Do you want to build your personal brand, expand your professional network, engage in industry relevant communities? The opportunities are limitless, all the more reason to choose intentionally as you engage on this platform.
  2. BECOME genuinely interested in other people. It’s easy to allow strangers to remain just that. But it’s amazing what you’ll find out about people when you bring curiosity to your interactions.
  3. CONTRIBUTE thoughtful comments that spark dialogue on other people’s posts. LinkedIn is a community, if you choose for it to be. 
  4. POST consistently and don’t worry about how many likes or comments you get. Creating content is the very best way to create trust and credibility with your audience. 
  5. USE hashtags on each post to increase your visibility within various niches on LinkedIn. Hashtags are the internet’s #1 organization tool. WIthout hashtags your posts end up in the junk drawer. Around but never quickly found. 
  6. SHARE your story — people won’t be intrigued unless you give them a reason. Many people worry about putting themselves out there because of imposter syndrome. “I’m no expert!” Well the reality is you are always an expert on you! Tell your story and trust that your unique experience is 
  7. TARGET influencers with whom to connect; raise the quality of your network. Get to know the people “in the know.” When you connect with individuals with massive followings, every single person in their network becomes a 2nd degree connection. This allows for you to interact with them more easily and create more affinity when reaching out, versus that of a 3rd+ degree connection. 
  8. EXPAND your interactions outside of LinkedIn. Attend webinars, meetups, etc. LinkedIn in merely the starting point. The real magic happens when you find the micro-communities online and build deeper relationships. If going on LinkedIn is buying a fishing pole, connecting outside the platform is going fishing!
  9. GIVE back what you’ve learned; document your journey in real time. People become invested in people on a journey. Even though you might feel like you’ve only just begun, you’re still a step ahead of someone else. Leave breadcrumbs for those that want to follow you on this pathway to career success.
  10. 10. UNDERSTAND that this takes time, be patient yet persistent. Anything worthwhile typically takes a while. Don’t expect your first post to go viral, or your next 99 for that matter. In fact, going viral isn’t even the goal at all. The goal is to build authentic professional relationships with people and broaden your perspective.

So there you have it, 10 simple actions that you can take to send your career into the stratosphere. The value of building your network cannot be overstated. Opportunities, mentorship, knowledge are all available for the taking. Ultimately, people want to work with people they know, like, and trust. Take time to build your LinkedIn presence and you’ll make that first introduction today.