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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

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In the corner of Victory Lap’s River North headquarters hangs a framed poster that reads, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Admittedly, we hung it up as a placeholder and joked about the idea of having something so cliché as a focal point of the entrance to our office. 5 months later, our team walks by and looks at that poster every day.

While we might say that it’s because we’ve been too busy to replace it, I believe it’s still up because we’ve realized (in the second year of our young business) that nothing could better articulate the mentality behind the actions we, and our candidates, are taking every day.

Victory Lap is a company that empowers individuals to invest in themselves, and push the limits of what they thought possible in their professional career. Making a commitment to pursue any new career path is a difficult road. On top of that, sales is hard. Those entering the profession have to fight through the Wolf of Wall Street and “coffee is for closers” stigmas, and those that have been in the job for a while need the mental fortitude to survive all of the head trash that comes along with a customer facing position.

One of the most intimidating aspects of a career in sales is how much personal accountability is baked into all outcomes. When things don’t go your way, it’s easy to blame outside factors (budgets, timing, management, product-market fit, etc.), but the reality is, effort, grit, and a positive disposition determine a huge portion of your success. Sales is one of the few professions where results are directly correlated to your sheer will and determination to succeed, and your dedication to the daily practices that make up a winning formula.

Transitioning into a career in sales is taking a bet on yourself and your work ethic as much as it is taking a bet on the company you’re joining. Deciding to push yourself out of your comfort zone and dive headfirst into this career is not something anyone should take lightly. That’s one of the biggest reasons (among many) why I admire every Victory Lap candidate. Hopefully, they keep that poster top of mind when they walk through our door, too.

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