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What to Do When a Prospect Says “No”

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For this week’s #SalesTipTuesday, I wanted to elaborate on what to do when one of your prospects says “no.”

Now, one of my favorite books to gift is Give and Take, a phenomenal read by Adam Grant, that reinforces the importance of having a giving mindset in everything you do, and how you’ll find success while doing so.

I always teach and incorporate that in our sales trainings here at Victory Lap, because I really hate the “sell or be sold” mentality. To me, it’s about being a good person in general, having strong values, and using that as a way to build relationships with others.

Around the principles of giving and taking, one of the things that I always hit on is: what do you do when a prospect says “no”? (Which, in reality, is going to be the majority of people you’re reaching out to, whether it be before or after that meeting).

So, what can you do? Keep that giving mentality. Nobody loves to be sold, everyone loves to buy. At that point in the conversation, for whatever reason, they’re not interested in working with you…so be it. It doesn’t mean that you should stop giving value to that organization. Little things such as making referrals or sending them insights such as an article (or things you don’t think they know) can add a lot of value to their day-to-day role.

Overall, you want to let them know that you, as a business and an individual, are thinking about their company, and that you’d like to enhance the relationship from there. No matter what happens, whether they come back and buy from you or not, it’ll make you feel a lot better in the process, on top of helping you be a lot more successful.

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