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Searching for a career that will bring you life-changing results? The answer might surprise you.

Searching for a career that will bring you life-changing results? The answer might surprise you. In From Our Founder

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COVID-19 has dramatically changed the fortunes of companies (good and bad) and career paths (good and bad) leaving millions of workers without job security or the clarity and confidence they’re in the right field. The economy is on target to grow 6%+, the biggest in decades, yet millions of workers are still facing uncertainty or unemployment. Those in a job don’t fare any better with Microsoft recently publishing a study reporting that over 40% of the Global workforce is considering leaving their employer this year. And unfortunately when these job seekers consider their options, far too many are missing a career path that could bring them financial health, career mobility, and a strong work-life-balance to income ratio. Far too few will consider sales as a career option and that’s a wrong I’ve been “righting” for nearly a decade with life-changing results.  

For those who feel they are not in an ideal career or are about to start one for the first time, read on to learn why you should want to pursue a sales career. 

For starters, sales is the ultimate career trifecta. It’s the sweet spot where all three intersect. Financial success? Your ceiling is limitless. Flexibility? Work where you want, on your schedule. Job mobility? The skills you learn in sales are some of the most transferable and desirable skills hiring managers look for across any industry, department, or role. 

And the best part? Anyone can achieve this career trifecta. With or without a college degree, any major studied, and any profession that one might be transitioning into, the sales career path can be a fit for everyone. Sales isn’t a unicorn career only the 1% can succeed in. It’s the great equalizer – anyone, regardless of background or who you know or where you went to school, can achieve greatness and find personal and professional success through this growing profession.  

Here are three reasons why sales is the ultimate career trifecta: 

  1. The work/life balance-to-income ratio is unmatched. Seriously, there’s no better profession for this than sales. The hours are great AND so is the money. Sure, you might be able to go into a career in investment banking and make a higher first-year salary, but you’d also be expected to routinely work on average 95-105 hours a week. Is this balance worth it for you? The financial upside of a career in sales over a tenured period compared to the number of hours you have to work is unrivaled – there are very few if any professions that can compete with this.  
  2. Everyone starts on a level playing field. In sales, all prior education and resume achievements go out the window, and on day one, everyone from all different backgrounds – extroverts, introverts, people with an Ivy League degree, people with no degree – all have an equal chance at success. It’s less about what you know and more about your grit, determination to succeed, and ability to learn. Sales is the ultimate meritocracy… your success is up to you.   
  3. Acquiring sales skills will set you up for sustained career and financial success. Once you acquire and succeed in this path, your career can take you in so many exciting directions because everything crosses through sales at one point or another. And when this inevitably happens, you’re exposed to all different types of people and roles and can begin to build your network across every team and business unit. So if you ever do decide you want to pivot from sales and dabble in marketing, operations, or finance, you’ll be able to more easily and successfully make this career change when the opportunity presents itself. The fact is people respect good salespeople and are willing to hire them for new jobs and roles in every department.

Waking up and enjoying your work is one of life’s most important missions to achieve. Too many people go to work and aren’t satisfied and I’m on a mission to change this with Victory Lap. I hope this year you find the career success that you deserve, and if sales is the answer, let’s connect.

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