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Victory Lap is more than just a bootcamp, we’re a community. And we’re proud of the 900+ grads that have taken this road with us throughout the years. One Community. Many Diverse Student Types. All Victory Lap Alumni. 

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Build Your Victory Lap Sales Profile

Over the past year, Victory Lap has invested heavily in creating a Virtual Talent Marketplace where our hiring partners can search, connect, and hire great Victory Lap SDR, BDR, and AE Talent.
Because you invested in yourself and our sales Bootcamp we want you to know we are not only here to help you find your first job, but your 2nd, 3rd, and beyond.

The process is simple:

Submit this form to alert our team that you are on the market for a new role now or could be in the future.

Let us know when you are ready for us to put your profile LIVE to start receiving messages.

Receive step by step instructions on how to build the most epic sales profile to attract awesome Chicago companies to you.

Land your next sales role to continue your successful career.

Spread the word about Victory Lap

Refer a friend or business to Victory Lap & earn!

Refer a business

Earn up to $500 for referring your company to Victory Lap

Earn $50:
Facilitate an intro meeting between VL + right contact at your company

Earn additional $450:
When company signs contract

Refer a student

Earn up to $175 for every friend you refer to Victory Lap

Earn $25:
Refer a friend and earn $25 for each student that completes application and interviews with admissions team

Earn additional $150:
When student signs contact for upcoming cohort

Alumni Spotlight

Today we have over 900 alumni who were hand-selected to join our program and are now out doing amazing things at top companies in Chicago. We want to share your successes with our community.

Share with us how you or a fellow cohort classmate are succeeding now by filling out the below questionnaire.

Once the submissions start rolling in we will be highlighting one Alumni every week on our website and social media so all of our followers can hear about the impact you are making in our sales community.

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