Victory Lap

Your Pathway to Career Success


Over the last five years, we’ve helped over 1,000 individuals launch successful, life-changing careers in sales. Our graduates are hired by the most prestigious and fastest-growing companies in the US, including Uber, UpWork, LinkedIn, Salesforce and more. Our five-week virtual training program was built by experts to ensure you have the tools you need to not just land a job but succeed in it starting day one in your new role.


Cohort Based Learning

Students go through a series of (SBL's) situational based learning exercises including role plays and discussion to foster an inclusive and impactful learning enviorment.

Competency Based Curriculum

We've optimized our curriculum to each students need to know skills in order to start their job with confidence while aligning this with a rubrics to ensure they can demonstrate what we teach

Active Hiring Network

Over 220 companies have signed on to become a company hiring partner creating an active marketplace for our students to interview with top companies and choose the right fit sales role

The Victory Lap Bootcamp is ideal for individuals who are motivated, resilient, strong communicators, and believe the sales career path is a great fit for them. No matter how much experience you have or how major of a career shift you’re looking to make, Victory Lap will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to land a sales role, make more money and start a successful career.

Student Successes

1,000+ Victory Lap Grads

600+ companies have hired VictoryLap graduates

$69,000 average first year earnings

Interview Readiness

Week 1

Your career success is our #1 priority. So in addition to teaching you the most in-demand skills, behaviors, and knowledge coveted by top companies, we also work with you 1-1 to support your job search, interview preparation and more to ensure you land a job that is the best fit for you.

Hack the interview process

In this lesson, you will hack the interview by analyzing software that companies use to control interview processes.

Deconstruct the job description

In this lesson, you will develop powerful talk tracks targeted at specific points in a job description.

Learn how to tell your story like Lin Manuel Miranda

In this lesson, you will craft a compelling answer to the interview question you will be asked in every round: “Tell me about yourself.”

Outperform more experienced candidates

In this lesson, you will arm yourself with powerful research converted into insightful, job-winning interview questions.

A look at where Victory Lap Graduates have been hired recently:

Sales Curriculum

Weeks 2 & 3

Rethink Sales

Learn how engineers, introverts, and consultants are becoming the new prototype for effective selling skills and behave.

Set your team up for success

It’s not enough to set a meeting. Learn how to set your team up for success and earn more for them…and you.

Learn how the best of the best have done it

Deconstruct how Salesforce’s sales team built their sales org to understand how sales orgs can and should function.

Get smarter with tools & insights

Instead of dialing for dollars, learn how sales tools and basic analysis point you to the best clients.

Become a perpetual learner

It’s not enough to strategize, you need a plan and a way to self-monitor. Learn simple methods for doing so and become a perpetual learner.

Week 3

Move from talking to listening

The old-school method of selling is going away, and that’s good. Being a talker is great, but learn how to get others talking and do even better.

Make people feel understood

Get your customer to help you understand the thing that causes them the most reservation or fear so you can begin addressing it.

Move away from feature focus

Practice speaking in a way that avoids mention of the product until it’s truly relevant - it’s harder than it sounds and the right way is rooted in psychology.

Scale up

Through research, we can understand large groups of customers at a time and create methodical 15 step outreach programs so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to contact a prospect.

Week 4

Sales Curriculum

Weeks 3 & 4

Provide calm authority in cold calls

Make yourself and buyers feel in control during one of the most anxiety-inducing sales skills by helping prospects get through each step of the sale without feeling sold, including the cold call.

Craft engaging emails that feel personalized even when you send in batches of 50

Empathize with customers, extrapolate what matters to others just like them and use that to write and say one efficiently delivered and refined set of effective messages.

Learn how to get your customers to talk more

Leverage your listening skills by changing how you ask questions to get your customer to talk more, and help you help them better.

Handle objections

Part of sales is overcoming multiple ‘nos’ and objections, and by helping your buyer feel understood you shall overcome with regularity.

Week 5

Tie it all together with your Capstone project.

  • Your Capstone project is the portfolio you will show to hiring managers to demonstrate the skills you’ve accumulated in sales training, skills that surpass those of even more experienced candidates.
  • Then, on the first day of the job when you may feel a little nervous, you can go back into your project, make a few changes, and redeploy it in your new job.
  • This course and Capstone are designed to give you practical, actionable knowledge to forge your new career as a top-performing seller.