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Why Hiring Great Salespeople Is So Difficult

It’s no secret that hiring great entry-level sales sales reps is a difficult task.

And to be completely honest, it’s not getting any easier. With less than 4% of colleges and universities offering any type of sales education, most entry-level reps are entering sales jobs completely unprepared. This unfortunate reality creates pains for both employees and employers alike, and understanding the difficulties are vital. From the amount of time it takes to find a great job candidate, to the costs associated with ramping up your new rep, and of course the turnover headaches when a sales rep decides to leave, this results in thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars in losses for your sales department.

Victory Lap helps employers hire better entry-level sales reps, faster. We find and qualify excellent sales candidates through a rigorous interview process, and once accepted, provide them with a two-week sales bootcamp taught by the best sales leaders in Chicago. Upon graduation, we recommend each one of our employer partners a few ideal sales candidates who are ready to jump in and sell. The best part? Our employer partners only pay us should they extend an offer and hire one of our candidates. In other words, interviewing Victory Lap’s trained sales candidates does not cost a thing.

Working with Victory Lap instead of traditional hiring channels helps solve many difficulties and pains of hiring great entry-level sales reps. With a growing employer network, we’ve successfully saved them time, ramp-up costs, and turnover headaches. In the end, we are passionate about creating an enthusiastic and committed sales community for candidates and employers…and it’s working.

As you can see, hiring great entry-level sales reps doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. The reality is simple: sales is never going away, and as you know, entry-level reps are a necessary part of growing your sales team. So, instead of continuing to struggle with this process, make it easier on yourself. Many employers across Chicago already have, and they’ve come to realize that our mission really is true: our passion is your success.

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